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DSC_0373EVERYONE, even you!
Can Help Spread the Alarm!

Each Department needs 10 new firefighters, 5 of which will respond to daytime alarms!

The MANY Ways YOU can Help your Volunteer Fire Department

  •  Thank a Fireman, shake a hand, give them a thumbs-up.
  • Share our WEBSITE and our FACEBOOK Posts with your friends.
  • TELL PEOPLE that you local fire department needs 10 new members!

Join us and learn how to be a firefighter!
HELP your local fire department with their fundraising activities. It’s as easy as buying something to eat or helping to sell tickets or just buying a ticket. LIKE your local department on Facebook and check out their website for new fundraisers.
Offer their members a discount at your business, or a discounted service for the volunteer fire department
Help by contributing your time in other ways. If you can’t help us answer the call you can make the load lighter for us if you offer your help to do any of the following.
Fire department recruitment activities, logistics, bookkeeping, data entry of fire reports, secretarial activities, development of department websites, fundraising initiatives, accounting and legal help, writing informative newsletters or brochures, fire prevention activities and programs in schools and communities, station maintenance, cleaning fire apparatus, community preparedness activities, development and maintenance of fire department libraries, etc.
What would you like to do?




Call your local fire department’s non-emergency telephone number.

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